PACDrive 3 control system
Do you already know the advantages of the PACDrive 3 control system from Schneider Electric?  Read more.

The heating elements of our new side heater are easily separately switchable, depending on the product heights.  Read more.

Integrierter Autosplicer für Taper
The integrated autosplicer for taper is an interesting option for every customer who uses a SENNING-Taper.  Read more.

Fixed Price Overhaul
We offer you the overhaul of your SENNING-machines at a complete and fixed price.  Read more.

Hayat and Senning
Since 2006 Hayat Kimya has seen a meteoric rise in their production and overseas factory expansion; from their first entry into the Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in 1987, to currently becoming the world’s 5th largest branded baby diaper manufacturer and the largest tissue manufacturer in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europa by capacity.  Read more.

New Handkerchief Line S.PM 805 + 662 TG to Novatis Group
We started up our new handkerchief line S.PM 805 + 662 TG at
Novatis Group plant in Morocco. Read more.

Handkerchief Lines S.PM 805 + 662 TG and
S.PM 820 + 660 TG
Our complete folding and wrapping lines for handkerchiefs from the Roll to the Finished Package. All Production Stages from a Single Source!

Please find further Information directly under our product overview!

Price Reductions for Electrical Components
In connection with our enlarged services regarding fault analysis and troubleshooting in the automation sector we reduced our sales prices for electrical components.

Our Service Team is always at your services for any query you may have!

Upgrades / Modification Kits
For some of our machine types we are offering modification kits for performance and quality improvements.
New: Electric and mechanical Modernisation of your Handkerchief Single Wrapper 525 D-100 or 525 D-100.1

Please find here more Information.