Our service is not limited to the sales and delivery of the machine.
Our technicians are available worldwide and around the clock for the following services:

Technical Service

Senning's assemblers are highly qualified and always underway across the globe helping our customers. This ensures that our customers always have a contact person on site who is familiar with the machine in question.

Performance Improvements / Reconditionings / Upgrades

On the basis of an inspection, Senning offers you an overhaul service for your machine components, in order to substantially improve e.g. the efficiency of your machines.
For a significant number of machines we offer special Upgrade Kits.


Blade grinding and straightening for all Senning wrapping machines!

Service contracts

To ensure a continuous and trouble-free production on the highest possible efficiency level Senning offers various types of service contracts. Thus, the risk of a production failure and the probability of an unexpected production breakdown are considerably reduced.


Senning offers targeted training sessions for your machine operators. You can structure the training program according to your requirements.

Our  Service Team can be referred to at any time regarding all these issues.