For the following machine types we are offering modification kits/upgrades for performance and quality improvements.

Table Napkin Wrappers

522 SE/M, 522 SE/M-G2:

522 SE-70, 522 SE-80, 522 SE-90, 522 SE-100:

522 SEP, 522 SEL:

SE 660 D:

524 SE:

For all types:
- Ioniser
- Autosplicer
- Special perforator

- Labeller between side heater

- Preparation for cardboard feeder

Wrapping Machines for Tissues

525 D, 525 D-100:

525 A-100, 525 A-200:

507 H:

507 TG:

660 TG:


Futher more Upgrades and Modification Kits on request.

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