Wrapping Machines for Tissues

507 H:


- Rubberised press roller

- Height-adjustable stack guidance (carrier chain) adjustable from the outside

- Modification set bundle collator from pneumatically controlled guide plate to stopper plate

- Movable bracket top plate

- Modification film drive to pneumatic clutch

- Spezial-Perforiervorrichtung (pneumatisch)

- Special perforator (pneumatic)

- Autosplicer

- Ioniser


- Film drive to Danfoss

- C1- modules to Siemens S7

- Film breakage  control from proximity switch to Disoric sensor

- Temperature regulator from old Jumo regulator to new Jumo regulator

- Cam switchgear from old Digitronic gear to new Digitronic gear

- Cam switchgear from Balluff to Digitronic

- Siemens PLC from S5 to S7

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