Table Napkin Wrappers

522 SE-70, 522 SE-80, 522 SE-90, 522 SE-100:


- Manual stroke adjustment (during production run) for upper path closer plate
- Top folder without teflon covering

- Needle top folder for small package heights
- Stroke extension for press from 80 to 110 mm
- Modification set for package width 82.5 mm
- Modification set from wide top belt to divided top belt
- Stacking unit


- Servo actuator Elau from SB to SM type

- Panel OP-25/27 to latest version

- Siemens PLC  from S5 to S7

- Servo actuators from Elau PMC-2 to latest version

- Cam switchgear from old Digitronic gear to new Digitronic gear

- Pendulum scanning film roll from potentiometer to analog sensor

- Temperature regulator from old Jumo regulator to new Jumo regulator

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