Based on our experience - well prepared for the future

It all began in 1949. Our company founder Christian Senning started his business by repairing packaging machines for the local cigarette industry. A short while later, he started designing his own machines for packaging consumable goods in cellophane.

At the end of the 1950s, the company made a bold move into the up-and-coming paper industry, laying the foundation for the company's future success. This will prove to be the right step. As early as the 1960s, Senning supplied machines to customers in parts of Europe, America, Africa, Asia as well as Australia. This is a great success for our family run company.

So much so that today we can say we are a medium-sized mechanical engineering company with 51 employees. - as an independent GmbH and part of the OPTIMA Group. We have not changed our location and Bremen is and remains our home.

Over 70 years of development and construction of packaging machines is the basis for our reliable and innovative solutions for the professional wrapping of paper and tissue products.

We sell 85% of our packaging machines on markets all over the world.

Long-standing excellent connections to customers allowed for the buildup of a system of commercial representations all over the world. Consequently, our Sales Department together with the After-Sales-Service ensure a permanent international presence for our customers.

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