Which machines and components can be overhauled?

  • All SENNING machines and all components of SENNING machines

Where does the overhaul service take place?

  • Either at customers‘ site or at SENNING in Bremen

How does the overhaul take place?

  • Inspection of the machine by one of our technicians and specification of needed spare parts
  • Quotation (with fixed complete price) for needed spare parts and for their exchange by one of our technicians
  • Production of ordered spare parts
  • Exchange of ordered spare parts either at SENNING or at customers‘ site with subsequent restart of the machine
  • Approval of overhauled machine


  • Higher efficiency
  • Less machine downtime
  • Reconstitution of machine productivity
  • Preventive maintenance for more production reliability
  • Longer machine service life
  • Fixed price! Costs remain calculable

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