Blade grinding and straightening

Our service for your Senning packaging machines

The best cutting tool is useless, unless it is properly sharp! The attainable sharpness and service life depends on the

  • steel structure,
  • cutting edge geometry
  • grinding method used and last but not least
  • ability of the technician who is straightening the blade.

Inspection, working and maintenance of your machines

Prior to machining in our company, all knives are checked for the admissible minimum size in order to ensure liable operation in your production unit. After a positive inspection result the blades are ground using a special grinding method and subsequently honed as well as straightened with a special tool.

After machining, each knife requires careful cleaning. This makes it possible for you to store the knives as spare parts for the long term after they are returned.

For further information please contact our service contact person Mr Dennis Domnick.

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We offer modification kits or upgrades for performance, quality improvements as well as obtaining the CE marking for the following machine types.

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